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Hi! I'm Kirby Legend, and I'm the king of Super Smash Flash 2.

Here are my best areas and most defeated characters. I really like to take it out with these guys!

Who do you like to beat the most?Where do you like to fight the most?

I can even tell you how to do a Sudden Death fight without using the regular Rules! Here's how.
  1. When you have selected your character, click on the white bar above next to the number.
  2. Make sure that Time is turned off and Stock is on and set to 1.
  3. Push the left arrow on Start Damage until it is at 999.
  4. Start up a fight as normal.
  5. The fight will be a Sudden Death Fight! (Please note that the screen will NOT say SUDDEN DEATH like you want it to.
Have you ever wanted to find out your character's Final Smash but can never find a Smash Ball? Never fear! The following list can lead to my favorite fight styles!
  1. Select your character, as before.
  2. Click on the white bar at the top of the screen, also as before.
  3. Click on Item Switch. Make sure that all of the items are turned off.
  4. Click on the picture of the Smash Ball to turn it on.
  5. Start a fight as usual.
  6. All the items that appear will be ONLY Smash Balls!
    Pok'e'fightPicture of Pokeball
  1. This time, follow through as before.
  2. Turn off all items.
  3. Turn on the Pok'e'ball.
  4. Start a fight...
  5. ... and catch 'em all!
By the way, this next style is my personal Fight style.

    Fight of the Legends

  1. Click on the white bar on the characters screen.
  2. Turn on Stock and set it to 5.
  3. Go into Item Switch.
  4. Turn on all of the following: Smash Ball, Pok'e'ball, Assist Trophy, Heart Container, Koopa Shells, Cucco, Super Mushroom, Bumper, and Pitfall.
  5. Turn on Team Damage.
  6. Go back to the characters screen.
  7. Click on the Free for all at the top to change it to Team Battle.
  8. Pick your characters.
  9. Click on the flags next to the characters to change your team color.
  10. Please note that you can't change your character color to anything but a team color if you have Team Battle selected.
Now, here is the ultimate fight style that is extremely maddening and just really hard to survive.
    Bowser's Fight
  1. Select your characters.
  2. Click on the white bar.
  3. You can pick between Stock and Time Limit.
  4. Set the Damage Ratio to x2.0. (This makes it so you hit harder.)
  5. Set the Item Frequency to Very Low (and if you fell really evil, set it to Off!) That makes it so that items don't appear very often, or not at all!
  6. Make sure that Hazards and Team Damage are both on. That makes it so that if you hit somebody on the other team, they both take damage!
  7. Next, go into Item Switch. If you set the Item Frequency to Off, skip this part.
  8. Turn on Capsule, Assist Trophies, Food, Maximum Tomato, Koopa Shells, Cucco, Poison Mushroom, and Pitfall.
  9. Get back to the Characters Screen and make sure you have Team Fight turned on.
  10. When you fight, go to Bowser's Castle. It's got lava, falling platforms, all the good stuff.
  11. Oh, and one more thing: Good Luck!

What do you like to call your fight methods? I really love a good challenge, and the site I like to use is UnblockedGames4me. And then again... I may just spend some time to learn Super Mario 64 Flash. But who would win Super Smash Flash 2 all the time if I quit? Nobody, that's who!
You can pick the background, pick the rules, but every time I MUST BE KIRBY. That is my only fighting requirement. As long as you have that, you can go free on your fight.
Oh, and one last thing. I can give you the easiest-to-learn way to play!Arrow Keys