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About Us:

Here at Bingham Specialized Construction we want you to feel like you to feel like you are the king/queen of the world.

With our custom cabinets, drawers, and other appliances you can feel like you do rule the world. We hope you enjoy

our custom wood work that you won't see anywhere else.We hope you love them as much as we do and take care of them

so they don't get ruined and have to replace it. Before we start the project you will meet with our design specialist,

Patrick Bingham.

how to order:

To order stop by or call us to order your custom cabinets, drawers, etc. How to contact us is below the line. We will also

install your cabinets so you don't have to hire some other guy and pay twice the price you need to.

our workers:

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Don't Forget To Stop By!

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We are located at 105N 100W Willard UT.

Call us at (435)-723-7683

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