Music Basics


Middle C

bullet Very middle of keyboard

Middle C
bulletFirst scale starts here

All notes

bullet There are 7 different notes in a musical alphabet.

bullet A

bullet B

bullet C

bullet D

All Notes bullet E

bullet F

bullet G


bulletThere are 4 different musical clefs, each has you read notes differently.

bullet Treble

bullet Bass

All Clefs bullet Alto

bullet tenor

Half Steps And Whole Steps

bulletHalf steps only go up one key (including black keys).

bulletWhole steps go up two keys (including black keys).

Sharps and Flats

bulletFor Sharps you go up one half step.

bulletSharps look like this. #

Sharps and flats bullet Flats have you go down 1 half step.

bullet Flats look like a b.

Different note lengths

bullet Different notes have you play notes for different amounts of time such as...

All note lengths bullet Whole note(4 Beats)(Looks like a 0).

bullet Half notes (2 beats)(Hallow middle).

bullet Quarter notes (1 beat)(Filled in middle).

bullet Eighth notes (2 per beat)(connected with a line)

Time signatures

bullet The top number in a time signature represents the notes per measure (measures break up music into smaller sections).

bullet The bottom number represents what type of note.

Key signature bullet So 4/4 time means 4 quarter notes per measure


bullet Dynamics is how soft or loud you play something, such as...

bullet Piano (soft)(looks like a p)

Dynamics bullet Mezzo piano (medium soft)(Looks like a mp)

bulletMezzo forte (meduim loud)(Looks like mf)

bullet Forte (loud)(looks like a f)

Crescendos and diminuendos

bullet Crescendos have you gradually get louder.

bullet Crescendos look like a less than sign in math. (Like this <).

bullet Diminuendos have you get gradually softer

bulletDiminuendos look like a greater than sign in math (Like this >). Diminuendo


Key signatures and the orders of the sharps and flats.

bullet Key signatures tell you which sharps or flats to play.

bullet You NEVER have sharps and flats in the same signature.

key of c sharp majorkey of c flat minor
bullet This is the order of the sharps. F C G D A E B

bullet This is the order of the flats. B E A D G C F

bullet As you can see, they are the opposite from each other.

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Piano Keys

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By: Seth Hansen

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