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The trends I will talk about!

bulletRubix Cubesbullet
bulletWater Bottle Flipsbullet
bulletFidget Cubesbullet
bulletFidget Spinnersbullet
bulletPop Socketsbullet

Kendamas have been around since the late 17th Century and are closely related to the cup and ball game. The Kendama was originally from Japan and has migrated to the U.S. The kandama really hit off when the first kendama tournament took place in 2009. The tournament was held in Europe and thousands of people came to watch and play. Kendamas are just beginning to become less popular around the world as other new trends begin.
rubix cubeRubix Cubesrubix cube
There are many different types of Rubix Cubes out in the world today. Many people have the original cube, a 3*3 multicolored cube. The cube has been around since 1974. It was invented by a man named Erno Rubik. Erno wanted to make a model of a geometric cube and came up with the "magic cube" which he later realized that he could not solve. After a few months he finally cracked the puzzle and started to sell his new toy. It only took a few years to catch on but now it is one of the most popular toys in the world. Fastest rubix cube solve!
water bottleWater Bottle Flipswater bottle
Water Bottle flipping is a relatively new trend. Water bottle flipping became popular last year when a man named Michael Senatore went to his school talent show and water bottle flipped in front of his whole school. After that it was just a matter of time before it caught on with other students and then the world. Water bottle flipping is still a thing with schools. Teachers are getting really irritated and have tried to ban water bottle flipping in schools. Most schools have banned the flip but some are just trying to live with it. Most one handed water bottle flips in a row
pop socketPop Socketspop socket
I know I put the list in order from water bottles to fidget cubes but I wanted to get this over with. Pop sockets were invented by David Barnett in 2012. Pop sockets are loved by many people. They are little sockets that are put on the back of your phones. They help relieve stress and are a great way to hold a phone. Pop sockets are still a big hit today. (I know that was small but there just is not much about them.)All about pop sockets

fidget cubeFidget Cubesfidget cube

Fidget cubes were invented in August of 2016. The creators are Matthew and Mark McLachlan. Both the brothers have people they know that have some sort of fidgeting problem and they wanted to help. They invented this cube to help the people they know with this problem and invented the fidget cube. At first this cube was mainly for fidgeting problems but is now an amazing toy that many people own. They started to become a thing not long after they were made, only a few months. Although they were very popular they still didn't last very long. Fidget cubes are still around just not as popular as they use to be. The creators of the fidget cube!
fidget spinnerFidget Spinnersfidget spinner
Fidget Spinners were made by the same men who made the fidget cubes. Eventually people wanted more than just a fidget cube and so the brothers answered. They came up with the fidget spinner. The fidget spinner has three jutting out sides that have weights/bearings that allow the spinner to spin on your finger without falling off. The fidget spinner came after the fidget cube and has become even more popular with the population than the fidget cube. Fidget Spinners

Some honorable mentions
The dab and the Wip have been some of the trends that have been going around and I thought that they needed to be mentioned somewhere.