Cool Animals

bulletDeer picture of a deer

bulletFox picture of a fox

bulletRaccoons picture of a racoon

bulletRabbit picture of a rabbit

bulletWolf picture of a wolf

bulletSquirrel picture of a squirrel

bulletGrizzly Bear picture of a grizzly bear

bulletBeaver picture of a beaver

My Favorite Animal is the Squirrel cause....

The Squirrel is my favorite animal case one time I took my dog camping with me and we decided to go fishing. When we got to our fishing spot and were setting up we realized we had forgot the food in the truck so my mom and my dog Suzie went to go get it. My mom came back laughing and she told us that Suzie had cased a squirrel into a tree and she sat their at the bottom of the tree Waiting for the squirrel. Then the squirrel came half way down and stared talking to Suzie almost like it was yelling at her. Then she got so annoyed that she barked once and the squirrel ran for its life which turned into a grate story to tell my friends that year.

picture of a dog


picture of a squirrel