1.      Put your name, WPC, and your number on your own paper

2.      Go to our school’s web page:

3.      Link to “Students’ Work!”

4.      Link to any trimester/any hour/any student’s page

5.      ON YOUR OWN PAPER, answer the following 6 questions for 5 different student pages:

#1  What is the name of the page? (copy from the title bar or the title on the web page)

#2  How many seconds does it take for the page to load?  (until it said “Done” on the status bar)

      Does it load fast?  Does it load slow? 

#3  Describe the page – Is it easy to read?  Is the text color a good contrast with background?  Is the text size large enough?  Too large?

#4  Describe the graphics – Do they fit the topic?  Are they placed appropriately? Are they the right size?  Too small?  Too large?  When you put your cursor over the picture do you see a text box?

#5  Do the links work? (check at least 1)

#6  On a scale from 1-10 (10 being the best; 1 being the worst), how would you rate this page?