It is understandable that parents will want to get in touch with their children in the event of an emergency. However, trying to call your student's cell phone may prevent them from hearing important information. Students will be able to use cell phones if they need immediate assistance, and once they are safe. Please avoid calling the school during an emergency – the school staff will be dealing with the situation and may not be able to answer the phone. Parents should use district emergency channels to get information during an emergency.

Some of the safety and security measures currently in place in our buildings include:

  • School safety plans and emergency response procedures for:

    • bomb threats

    • evacuation and school closure

    • fire & earthquake

    • medical emergency

    • reunification

    • shelter-in-place

    • secure school and lockdown

  • Emergency communications plans including parent notifications and alerts

  • School Incident Command Teams equipped with emergency response kits

  • Partnerships with local emergency responders

  • Visitor sign-in procedures

  • Regularly held emergency response drills with all students and staff

  • Safety assessments of school facilities in partnership with the school insurance agency.

  • First aid kits, fire extinguishers, and classroom safety kits

  • School Safety hotline with the National We Tip program, 1-800-78-CRIME (27463)

 What you can expect during a crisis at school:

  • The school emergency response plans will be implemented and the Incident Command Team will respond according to the plan and as trained.

  • Both 911 and the school district office will be informed and will respond quickly and effectively to ensure the safety of all students and staff.

  • All appropriate emergency response agencies will be dispatched to the school, as needed.

  • Depending on the situation, all students and staff will be secured within the school building(s) or evacuated to a safe location.

  • Parents will be kept informed using the school's automated calling system.  The situation will be explained in as much detail as possible to ensure the safety of all students and response personnel.

What can parents do to help ensure the safety of students during emergencies?

 You can help manage a crisis situation by following these steps:

  • Remain Calm - Do your best to cooperate with school and public safety officials.  Follow any instructions you may receive regarding your student.

  • Keep Roads Clear - Do not come to the school as that may interfere with the response efforts and put you in harm’s way.  Traffic or parking congestion could block access to the school for critical resources like police, and first or emergency medical responders.

  • Keep Phone Lines Open - Do not call the school office.  Excessive phone calls could jam the phone system and hamper emergency communications. Do not call your student if he or she has a cell phone.  The circuits you are using may be essential for the emergency response. Monitor the local communications channels such as the school website, Facebook page, or the local radio stations.

  • Be Patient - Students will be released to parents and guardians, or emergency contact persons as soon as possible.


Successful, safe, and effective schools are also those with high levels of parent and caregiver involvement.  You are vital to your student's well-being and safety.  Help us keep our school safe by staying informed and talking with your child about school safety and emergency response. 

Please talk to the school administrator about any concerns that you or your child may have about school safety.

How will you be notified?

In the event of a weather-related or emergency school closure or event, information will be communicated via some or all of the following channels. Please read about these tools so you can sign up where necessary to ensure you receive urgent communications when needed:

  • District Autodialer:

    In the event of a serious emergency or significant unexpected change in the school day, the district will initiate its emergency automated calling system to notify parents. All

    phone numbers on record in our student information database for each parent and guardian will be called.

  • District Facebook/Twitter:

    Messages of a less urgent nature or simply providing updated information may be posted to the district or school social media accounts.

  • Email/Text Messages:

    Occasionally, an incident or disruption to the school day may occur that does not require immediate notification. The district or individual schools may share basic information via text or email messaging. It is important to ensure that your current contact information is on file at your child's school.  

Parent Emergency Preparedness

During an emergency situation, school officials must act quickly to secure schools, safeguard students and staff, and communicate promptly. Parents can help by being prepared before an emergency happens. Here are a few critical things you can do:

  • Give schools accurate contact information.

  • Talk to your children about what to do, reinforce the importance of following instructions and assure them that you will be able to find them after the emergency.

  • Provide names and contact information for people authorized to pick up your children.

  • Notify school officials if you see something suspicious.