Individual Planning

Students make many transitions from one educational program to another, from school to school, or from school to work. Counselors help students become successful in these transitions by examining their strengths, abilities, interests, skills and achievement.

This is done by gathering information on students' academic performance, including grades, behaviors, testing, attendance, interest inventories, PCCR exit surveys, and other data.

During this process we meet with students and parents at least once a year to develop a plan, identify academic barriers and coordinate activities, such as getting remediation, working with a mentor, participating in a job shadow, providing test-taking strategies and reviewing college prep materials, including saving for college, that will help establish personal, educational & occupational goals to make future plans.

By completing these activities, students develop self-knowledge and gain experiences in academic/learning domains; life/career; and about becoming a multicultural/global citizen.


  • Individual or small-group appraisal

  • Advisement

  • Age-appropriate career development activities

  • PCCRs