Dropoff pick up Map

Wonderful ACYI Parents/Guardians,

We are excited to welcome your student to ACYI for lots of fun & learning this school year.  In preparation for school we recommend you take some time with your child to make and practice a plan for how they will safely come to and leave school each day.  

Below is a website that has been set up just for helping any students not riding to school.  This website helps students find a safe route for travel on foot or wheels (Notice: this website works better on a larger screen - not too good on phones.)  https://www.saferoutesutahmap.com/map/school-maps/adele-c-young-intermediate-491

For students being dropped off and picked up we invite you to review our safety procedures at the links below.  The first link is a one page PDF: 


This second link is a short (2:30 minute) video with written explanation


Another Pickup/Drop off option is along 800 West.  It is safest when parents come from the south to be on the east side of the road.  

If your student does ride a bus to school please spend some time helping them to remember their bus number and driver’s name before the first day of school.  After school we will have a long line of buses that goes along the whole west and south sides of our property.  The buses all look the same.  On those first days it really helps the students if they have committed to memory their bus number and driver's name before that time.

One last thing - for students interested in a virtual tour of the school you can go to this link. :-)