Links to two short videos we shared with your child are linked below. Enjoy: Making Friends SEL Part 1. Part 2 Friendship skills
5 days ago, Clark Funk
🦅Below are links to more videos we watched as a school in the last week. These videos are to help teach behavioral expectations: 4:27 minutes 5:32 minutes 4:23 minutes
9 days ago, Clark Funk
The below links are to videos our whole school watched today. They are about our student handbook and behavioral expectation. In case you are interested 😊🏫🦅 4:00 minutes 1:10 minutes 3:08 minutes :58 seconds 3:28 minutes 3:55 minutes
15 days ago, Clark Funk
Parents may pick up their student after school along 800 west. Parents should park next to the sidewalk with their vehicle heading north. Students will need to cross the west field and exit through one of the two openings in the fence. See the video at this link for a visual:
17 days ago, Clark Funk